Tuesday, April 6, 2010

summer LOVE.

if I go missing, you can find me here:

Coachella April 16th - 18th
Broken Bells @ the Henry Fonda theater May 19th
Blitzen Trapper @ the El Rey theater June 29th
Kings of Leon @ Verizon July 14th
Delta Spirit @ El Rey theater July 23rd
Dave Matthews Band @ Verizon Aug 21st
Jack Johnson @ the Hollywood Bowl October 8th

my wallet is a little empty at the moment (multiply the above concerts by $50, and add an arm and leg for coachella), but the summer is my oyster :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

something to JAM to.

Yes I'll admit it, I sing in my car. And no, I don't care if people laugh me. I'll even dance a little too. This song is kind of a throw back that I liked on the radio at the time but for some reason never fully got into it.

This jam will be helping me on my drive to Northridge today, consider yourself lucky if you catch me rockin' out in my car :)

The Strokes - You Only Live Once from docecincuentayuno on Vimeo.